Middle School Spelling

Happy New Year (I know!  I’m behind this year).  My first blog is about middle school spelling.  I’ve always been challenged with finding ways to teach spelling without actually “teaching traditional spelling”.  I tried a new strategy this year and it proved successful!

First, here is a free upload of the words that I chose.  This first list is created by choosing words that I found commonly misspelled in student’s short response writing in response to fictional literature.  The second list is common homophones that middle school students SHOULD already know.

I tried a modified “flipped learning approach”.  This is where the students do all the “work” at home and we focus on enrichment activities in the classroom.  I create two bundles of units for each list of words.  On the first day, I give the students the list and we review the words.  They complete a simple “fill in the blank” activity.  Then, for three days, the kids do all the hard work as homework assignments!  Class time is left for enrichment.

Here is my entire bundle!  This will give you access to all the cool activities, QR codes, PowerPoint presentation, printables, tests, etc.

Class time activities!  First, I created an iPad adventure for the kids to use for spelling enrichment.  Second, I created task cards for the kids to move around the room and practice their words.  THIS WAS EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL AND FUN!  In addition, the task cards can be used with ANY words!

Here are some photographs of my kids in action!  Spelling task cards included, but not limited to, tiles, dice, synonyms, dry erase boards, peer teaching, etc.

We really had a lot of fun!  If you are interested in trying this out, check out my store:Logo Lithos ROUND