Last Minute Lesson Plan for the election!

With just 17 days until the presidential election, how can we help teach our students using literature and integrating all the subject matter?

Catherine Stier has two excellent books for young readers.  “If I Ran for President” and “If I Were President”.



Here is a complete unit to help teach the election process in terms that our elementary students can appreciate and understand.

You can find my entire product here:

This product is for a mini-unit teaching the 2016 Presidential Election.  It is a 30 slide PowerPoint Presentation, 8 PDF files, and a four page teacher’s guide.  These activities work best to accompany the book, “If I Ran for President” by, Catherine Stier, illustrator, Lynne Avril, but individual activities could be used on their own.   Most activities are designed for second graders through fifth grade as well.  The math and writing activities would be more appropriate for third through fifth grade.  There is one writing activity (2 page PDF), two math activities (2 one-page PDFs), two science activities (2 one-page PDFs), and two social studies activities (1 three-page and 1 four-page PDF).   Products are in a ZIP file.

“If I Ran for President” is a Lexile level 910, approximately a guided reading level S.  The book is appropriate for grades 2-5.  There is a 15 multiple choice reading comprehension assessment included (4 page PDF). 

Some additional materials would be required to complete the unit in its entirety:  a copy of the book, internet and printing access, classroom projector, paper and glue, calculators, and corn cobs.


The Unit Activities –


Social Studies Activities:

  1. Make the Candidates
  2. The Campaign Trail: An Interactive Sorting Activity


Science Activities:

  1. The Great Science Debate
  2. Crunch with the Corn Farmers


Math Activities:

  1. Facts and Statistics about Mount Rushmore
  2. Calculating Percentages

**answer are included


Writing Activity:

Writing an Interview

Turning an Interview into an Article


Reading Comprehension Assessment:

15 multiple choice questions with answers