“A Long Walk to Water” bell ringers or warm-up activities


“A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park, is the parallel stories of a Sudanese refugee and a fictional female character who fetches water.  The book takes place in 1985 and 2008 respectfully.  This is an excellent book to teach for so many reasons!  Check out my full blog on this novel here:  A Long Walk to Water – teaching unit.

Getting that extra 5-10 minutes of time to begin class is so useful for both teachers and students.  Teachers have the time to take attendance, collect work, distribute papers, pass back graded materials and any other administrative duties.  Students have time to write down any assignments, turn in work, gather missing work and begin to reflect on previous day’s lesson to make a clean transition to the day’s work.  Utilizing bell ringers, or quick activities to begin class like a warm-up activity, act as a quick review from the previous lesson and help students transition to the day’s lesson.

FREE SAMPLE – CHAPTER ONE BELL RINGER or WARM-UP ACTIVITY for the novel “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park.


water political cartoon

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I have create 19 bell ringing activities for the novel “A Long Walk to Water”.  There is one activity to complete for each chapter.  Each bell ringer is one page in in the format of a PDF file.  They are printable and ready to use.  There is not a key required because so many of the activities are interpretive.

Check out a FREE sample of the 19 activities that I have bundled together for this novel.

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Each worksheet begins with some Tier III vocabulary words.  These are vocabulary words which are generally specific to the text, rather than common, “everyday” words.  Then, there is a space to reflect on the previous chapter called “Deep Thoughts”.  Some include some figurative language review or other small tasks, but it reminds the students of the previous lesson and bridges their minds to the next chapter in reading.

Check out a FREE sample for Chapter 1.

alwtw tier iii

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“Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen – vocabulary

Currently, I’m teaching the novel, Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen for the tenth time.  I finally think I have mastered the vocabulary instruction portion of the unit.

First, I give the students a master list with 24 words found in the novel.  Then, I work on a word each day.  Words are assessed at four quarters in the unit.  Then, the students complete a poster or PowerPoint presentation.  They need to find a visual representation for each word using a common theme.  I put some examples below.  Click on the photos to see my entire unit: